Fresh Life Church is led by Levi and Jennie Lusko with multiple campuses all across the state of Montana. Their vision is simple: to see those stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.

Where it all started

Over my 8 years at Fresh Life I’ve served in multiple rules in the creative realm of the church, most recently spending the last two years as an Art & Creative Director. Under the leadership of Pastor Levi Lusko and his executive team I was given the opportunity at a young age to help craft and create the identity of the church. As I grew in my skills and talents the excellence of the church’s brand grew as well.

Being a church with a lot of things going on such as several unique series a year, multiple national events & tours, book releases, and an assortment of other church things I wanted Fresh Life to not just be recognized for a selection of colors and fonts, but more so for the quality of what we put out. The goal that if someone saw a post card for a series that had rocket ships on it or hearts or skulls, that the excellence of the product would inform them it was a product from Fresh Life, not just a logo.

Creating an experience is something that has been a huge vision that was passed down by Pastor Levi. With that our goal was to never over-brand, to not let all the cats out of the bag on the first page or the first room. Walking someone through a publication, a website, or a building and by the end of the experience for them to have a greater understanding of who we are and what we’re about was something I truly believed would create the best experience.

A challenge is something to run towards not run from…

More than just art

My time at Fresh Life was constantly full of situations where I knew absolutely nothing about what was needed or required, but pushed my self to learn it and master it. This went from learning how to develop websites to setting up and running a broadcasting video mixer, music managing a radio station, designing stages and running a production. A challenge is something to run towards not run from, and that just comes with territory of being an avid learner and always chasing after some sense of perfection.

Being a Creative Director entailed more than just directing a team of creatives to create art and marketing materials. It derived of quality control of the smallest of assets to quality control and making sure the worship experiences met the creative threshold of what our Pastor desired. From book releases, to tours, to weekly church there was always more than enough going on at any given time. The busy and constantly changing work doesn’t leave much room for air, but it never fails to excite.

Physical work

Fall Afresh Album Artwork Alt text

Series that made a mark

We’ve had over 50 series in the past 9 years of Fresh Life and I’ve had the privilege to create, or help lead to the final outcome of over 40 of them, from 3 week message series to christmas and easter campaigns we always looked at ways to not do the same thing over and over again. With the vision from our Pastor and his constant nudge of pushing what we were capable we have created a pretty spectacular array of different pieces that convey the different emotions and subject matter of each series topic.

Alt text Alt textAlt text

Editorial work

Alt text Alt text Alt text


Alt text Alt text

Using creativity to reach the unreached.

Thank You’s

Thank you to Pastor Levi Lusko for allowing me to be a part of Fresh Life’s history and team and feeding my potential. Thank you Kevin Guido for continuing challenging me to do better and handing off the torch. Thank you to the whole creative team for making it one of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. The work shown here couldn’t have been done with out your hearts, minds, and hands.


Creative Lead

Devan Flaherty

Senior Pastor

Levi Lusko

Creative Director

Devan Flaherty

Project Manager

John Mark Creamer

Lead Designer

Elisha Guido

Web Developer"

Tyler Bodway


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Development

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